Domain Names vs Sub-Domains

When you decide whether to register a new domain name or use a sub-domain, you will want to consider the differences that it will mean for both you and your visitors. While we will try to make whatever you choose easy and convenient, there are certain benefits and disadvantages that you will need to be aware of.


If you decide you use a sub-domain of, your web page will be accessable at <username> While there is no need to search a domain name, it will be obvious to all visitors that your account is being hosted by This is usually not a problem for personal web pages, but professional and business web pages will often like to use a domain name associated with their company rather than the default one provided.

Registered Domains

If you wish to register a domain (or transfer a domain you already own), you may do so at Many of the accounts we offer will include free domain name registration, allowing you to choose a domain name that you like without any additional charge. There will be a refund for you after you sign up. Even if you are not signing up for one of these accounts, however, you may wish to consider using a personal domain name. As a rule, personal domain names will appear more professional than a sub-domain will. It will also allow you to choose a domain name affiliated with your company, if this is to be a business page.

If you already have a personal domain name, you can transfer it to and allow them to set it up completely for your web-hosting account. Otherwise, you will need to configure this using your current domain registration service. Information on doing so will be provided during the setup period of your account.